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A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands

Agarttha - A Water Which Does Not Wet Hands

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All instruments by Francesca Marongiu (vocal, synthesizers, guitar, bass, drums, chimes).
Haunting presences: Antonio Gallucci (drums on track I and VI, guitar on track V and synth at the end of track II) and Reto Mäder (piano and guitar on track VI).

Lambsprinck 04:48
Visions Of Alina 08:43
Melusine 06:17
The Sphynx 06:00
Storms As He Walks 06:48
Chymische Hochzeit 06:04

Datum vydání: 25.červen 2013

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All tracks by Francesca Marongiu.
Recorded by Francesca Marongiu at Heady Beach Studio in summer 2012. Mixed by Francesca Marongiu e Antonio Gallucci.
Mastered by James Plotkin.
Artwork by Rainbath Visual.


Double Edition: 110 Marble Purple & 330 Black