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experimental grindcore


2000, Warsaw

Současný label:

Relapse Records


Lukasz Myszkowski - Vocals
Sebastian Rokicki - Guitar
Krzysztof "Sivy" Bentkowski - Drums

Session/Live Musician(s):
Szymon Czech - Bass
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Antigama is the unruly and unrestricted projection of a noncomformistic attitude towards the avant-garde grindcore noise.

The band was formed in the late 2000 in Warsaw, Poland by Sebastian Rokicki on guitars and Krzysztof Bentkowski on drums. Soon after they were joined by Lukasz Myszkowski on vocals and Macio Moretti on bass and recorded their first album Intellect Made Us Blind, released shortly after.

In September 2001 they went on a short tour Grind Manifesto along with Poland’s Damnable and Italy’s Brainwash.

The bassist changed, as Michal replaced Macio. With the new line-up, the band recorded a split CD with Jan Fredericx’s (Agathocles) project, Jan Ag. Antigama contributed a set of covers of their native hardcore precursors, Siekiera.

Shortly after the band played at the Grind Manifesto Tour 2002 with Italy’s Nefas and Bastard Saints and Poland’s Pignation and Toxic Bonkers.

In January 2003 Antigama recorded Promo 2003, a sample of the upcoming material. The CD consisted of 3 new songs and a cover of "Anything is Mine" by Godflesh. In July, Antigama put out the experimental East Clintwood, initially meant for a split CD with Japan’s Deranged Insane. In September the band took part in the 3rd edition of the Grind Manifesto tour together with Poland’s Third Degree and Pignation.

Meanwhile, Antigama’s song "Fala" from Intellect Made Us Blind was remixed by the Italy’s electro / industrial band The Seed but the track remained unreleased until 2005.

2004 started with a handful of shows and headlining the 10-gig Ten Day Grindcore Massacre Tour with Deformed.

In April of 2004, the band launched a split CD with Australia’s Open Wound via Antiself Records (PL). Soon after their next album - Discomfort for Extremist Records (USA) came out and was followed by surprisingly good reviews. The second full-length album was recorded and engineered by Szymon Czech at Selani Studio in Olsztyn (PL).

In June Antigama recorded 6 new songs for the 3-way split CD with Third Degree and Herman Rarebell; it was released via Selfmadegod Records (PL). Then the band played at the Obscene Extreme Festival 2004 in Czech Republic, the biggest extreme music festival in Europe.

2005 had been the crucial year in Antigama’s early career, as in March they recorded their highly anticipated third full album Zeroland for Selfmadegod Records (PL). In April, Selfmadegod re-released Antigama’s Discomfort with a bonus song and the video for “Flies”. Shortly after came out the long-awaited 7” split shared with Italy’s Bastard Saints. In August Selfmadegod Records together with Fast And Furious Records (Hol) launched the 12” vinyl LP version of Discomfort.

In early September, Antigama performed at the Giants Of Grind festival in Germany along with the bands like Mesrine, Deppression, Mastic Scum, Jigsore Terror - to name a few.

On November 1st ,2005 Selfmadegod Records (PL) released Zeroland. The third full-length album received very enthusiastic press worldwide.

In March of 2006, Antigama played at the biggest Polish metalfest Metalmania in Katowice. Then in April, Antigama went to Germany to play at the Grindcore Syndicate Tour 2006 along with the country’s native Keitzer. Soon after, the band signed the official recording agreement with Relapse Records (USA) and started working on their new full-length album.

June 2006, thanks to Deformeathing Prod. The band launched Roots Of Chaos, the long-awaited split CD with Deformed. The material consists of one 12-minute experimental track “Psicobambola”.

The latest full-length album Resonance for Relapse Records (USA) was recorded and produced by Szymon Czech in December 2006 at Studio X in Olsztyn.

In March 2007 Antigama issued a 3” split CD with Drugs of Faith (USA) through Selfmadegod Records, with 2 new tracks and their own interpretation of the horror classic “Zombi” by Goblin.

The first material out by Relapse Records (USA) was recorded at Studio X and released at a 7” split in limited edition of "Slimewave Series” with Brazil’s ROT.

“Resonance” was released in May 2007. Soon after came another string of releases: a 7” split with Pig Destroyer and Coldworker and a Japanese edition of Resonance with the bonus song “Zoom”.

In July, Antigama played a gig at Warsaw’s Aurora Club together with the improv / experimental artist Anna Zaradny; soon after they played at the open-air Warsaw’s Tory (Railway) Festival under a train bridge.

In October they toured Poland with native bands Nyia and Blindead at the Mind Eaters Tour 2007, promoting the new album with a new bass player Michal Zybert. Soon after they issued an new split CD with Nyia for Selfmadegod Records.

At present they have already composed some new material and look only forward.

Current lineup consists of:

Lukasz Myszkowski - vocals
Sebastian Rokicki - guitar
Michal Zybert - bass guitar
Krzysztof Bentkowski - drums


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