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Planet of Children's Heads

Carnal Diafragma - Planet of Children's Heads

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Robert - guitars
Milaňo - growls
Martin(Sabon) - bass
Libor(Porky) - drums

-Funny holidays
-Arrogant iron and souped hairdryer
-Grandmothers dubs
-As if an elephant sit on you
-U.S. Death metal
-Baked croissant in the twists
-Planet of children´s heads
-Power of fire
-Boobs like sacks
-Sweetshop under skirt
-Satans jam
-Daddys steaks (re-recorded)
-Life stories
-Quickie in doggy style
-Mouth full of hairs

Total playing time: 30:29

Datum vydání: 25.duben 2011

Lidi okolo
Dan Rožanski - grafika (dan-gl@email.cz)
Richard L.Havle - Lecter Music Agency (label)