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Battlefields of Asura

Chthonic - Battlefields of Asura

Freddy Lim, "Left Face of Maradou" – lead vocals, erhu (1995–present)
Doris Yeh, "Thunder Tears" – bass, backing vocals (1999–present)
Jesse Liu, "The Infernal" – guitars, backing vocals (2000–present)
Dani Wang, "Azathothian Hands" – drums (2005–present)
CJ Kao, "Dispersed Fingers" – keyboards, synthesizer (2005–present)

Randy Blythe (Lamb Of God)
Denise Ho

01.Drawing Omnipotence Nigh
02.The Silent One's
03.Flames Upon The Weeping Winds
04.A Crimson Sky's Command
05.Souls Of The Revolution
06.Taste The Black Tears
07.One Thousand Eyes
08.Masked Faith
09.Carved In Bloodstone
10.Millennia's Faith Undone

Datum vydání: 12.říjen 2018