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Armageddon Survival Guide

Dayglo Abortions - Armageddon Survival Guide

"Blind Marc", drums – 2011–present
Murray Acton AKA "The Cretin", guitar and vocals – 1979-1994, 1998–present
"Willy Jak", bass – 2000–present

A1. Your Facebook Can Kiss My Assbook
A2. Cockroaches
A3. Another Boring Day
A4. Velcro Shoes
A5. Sick Of The Lies
A6. They Hate Me
A7. Aliens From Outer Space
A8. I Love My Mom
B9. The Dishwasher
B10. The New Black
B11. Left Handed Nazis
B12. No More Bullshit
B13. To Prove That We Are Free
B14. Canadian Hate-triot

Datum vydání: 23.březen 2016

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produkce: Rob Shallcross