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symphonic metal, doom metal, symphonic death metal


2006 , Athens, Attica

Současný label:

Sliptrick Records


Invoker - Guitars, Vocals (2006-present) (ex-SlavEATgod)
Darien - Keyboards (2006-2010), Keyboards, Orchestration (2014-present)
Nick - Guitars (2009-present) (Ritual of Odds, Sorrowful Angels)
Jim - Drums (2012-present)
Eva - Vocals (female) (2014-present)
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Dimlight were founded sometime in 2006 by two members of a now defunct metal project. Soon after, they started working on their first album while performing on various athenian metal/rock scenes. Having some live shows, live reports and interviews in their resume, a record deal came along.

In 2009 they released their first album called 'Obtenebration' under the label of Emotion Art Ltd.
They have supported Septic Flesh in a mini tour in Greece and toured with SepticFlesh in the Greek Alliance Tour 2009 along with Inactive Messiah and Web.

They also have participated in several festivals such as the Metal Healing Festival and the Hellenic Metal Band Festival supporting huge names such as Destruction, Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Orphaned Land, Firewind, The Haunted, Rage, Leaves' Eyes, Nightrage, Moonsorrow, Descending, Nightstalker.

Around mid 2010 Dimlight started working on their second album and finished in December 2011. Dimlight had the opportunity to work with many friends and musicians on this album such as Seth Siro Anton, Fotis Benardo and Christos Antoniou of Septic Flesh, Peter In De Betou from Tailor Maid Production, Christos Mavridis, Stelios Mavromitis (ex-Dimlight-Astarte-Septic Flesh member), Darien Stuhni ex-Dimlight member), Sinik Al, Iliana Tsakiraki (Meden Agan-SepticFlesh) and Charalampos Paritsis.

Dimlight is going to perform at this year’s Metal Female Voices Festival 10th Anniversary 2012 in Belgium along with Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil, Epica, Delain, Xandria and many more!

During that time Dimlight also got endorshements from Schecter Guitar Research, Mapex Drums, 39 Custom Guitars and Visual Sound Pedals.

The band consists of Sanna Salou (vocals), Invoker Peter (guitar,vocals), Nick(guitars) and Jim(drums).


Athens, GR


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