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Bringer of Plagues

Divine Heresy - Bringer of Plagues

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Travis Neal - Vocals (2008-) (The Bereaved, Persquareinch, Pushed)
Dino Cazares - Guitars (2005-) (Fear Factory, Brujeria, Asesino, Excruciating Terror, Body Bag, Hated...And Proud!)
Joe Payne - Bass (2007-) (Domination Through Impurity, Lecherous Nocturne, Lust of Decay, Nile)
Tim Yeung - Drums (2005-) (Hate Eternal, Decrepit Birth, Council of the Fallen, Aurora Borealis (USA), Windbreed, Shaithus, The Tenth Circle, Agiel, Vital Remains, World Under Blood, Assjack, Morbid Angel)

Facebreaker (03:40)
The Battle of J. Casey (03:41)
Undivine Prophecies (intro) (01:06)
Bringer of Plagues (03:38)
Redefine (03:45)
Anarchaos (04:39)
Monolithic Doomsday Devices (05:23)
Letter to Mother (03:34)
Enemy Kill (03:10)
Darkness Embedded (04:33)
The End Begins (04:59)
Forever the Failure (03:32)

Datum vydání: 01.červenec 2009

Lidi okolo
DesignIllustration: Anthony Clarkson
Photography: Glen La Ferman
ArtistsAndRepertoire: Scott Koenig
Mix: Lucas Banker, Logan Mader
Engineer: Lucas Banker, Logan Mader
Producer: Lucas Banker, Logan Mader, Dino Cazares
Lyricist: Lucas Banker, Logan Mader
Arranger: John Sankey
Mastering: Lucas Banker, Logan Mader
Instrument: Joe Payne, Tim Yeung, Dino Cazares
Vocal: Travis Neal

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Divine Heresy