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The Way of All Flesh

Gojira - The Way of All Flesh

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Joe Duplantier - Vocals, Guitar (Empalot, Cavalera Conspiracy, guest for Klone)
Christian Andreu - Guitar
Jean-Michel Labadie - Bass
Mario Duplantier - Drums (Empalot)

Oroborus (05:21)
Toxic Garbage Island (04:06)
A Sight to Behold (05:09)
Yama's Messengers (04:03)
The Silver Cord (02:31)
All the Tears (03:41)
Adoration for None (06:19)
The Art of Dying (09:54)
Esoteric Surgery (05:44)
Vacuity (04:51)
Wolf Down the Earth (06:25)
The Way of All Flesh (17:03)

Datum vydání: 06.říjen 2008

Lidi okolo
DesignIllustration: Joe Duplantier
Photography: Gabrielle Duplantier
Booking: Emma Salzard
Mix: Logan Mader
Producer: Joe Duplantier
Mastering: Logan Mader
Instrument: Jean-Michel Labadie, Christian Andreu, Mario Duplantier, Joe Duplantier
Vocal: Joe Duplantier