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Graves Of Valor

Graves Of Valor


Death Metal, Deathcore


2005, Florence, South Carolina

Současný label:

Relapse Records


Damon Welch - Vocals (Deathvalley Driver)
Richard Turbeville - Guitar (Through the Eyes of the Dead)
Jeff Springs - Guitar (Through the Eyes of the Dead)
Dayton Cantley - Drums (Through the Eyes of the Dead)
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Graves Of Valor is death metal band from Florence, South Carolina. They formed in 2005 as From Graves Of Valor but changed their name to just Graves Of Valor. The band was formed by three ex-members of Through the Eyes of the Dead and ex-member of Deathvalley Driver.

The band released the EP "Famine" in 2007 and have just recently signed to Relapse Records as of 28th of arpil 2008 and are currently on tour with such bands as Behemoth, Dying Fetus and Origin.

(ex-Through the Eyes of the Dead) explode to the forefront of the modern extreme metal scene with their Relapse debut ‘Salarian Gate’. The quintet’s razor-sharp attack melds a traditional metal spirit with 21st century extremity to establish GRAVES OF VALOR as one of the most promising new death metal bands in years. As songs such as “Locusta”, “Pestilence”, and the title track prove, ‘Salarian Gate’ is a massive debut and one of the best death metal albums of 2009.

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GRAVES OF VALOR - Salarian Gate

GRAVES OF VALOR - Salarian Gate

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Po dlouholetém a netrpělivém čekání se konečně kvintet kolem třech pohrobků THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD – kytarové duo Richard Turbeville, Jeff Springs...