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Hell's Domain

Hell's Domain - Hell's Domain

Alex Clausen (ex-GROPE, MONSTAH) - Vocals
Bjørn Bihlet (ex-KOLDBORN, HORNED ALMIGHTY) - Guitar
Andreas Schubert (ex-EXMORTEM) - Guitar
Lars Knudsen (ex-CRIONIC) - Bass
Anders Gyldenøhr (ex-HATESPHERE, ARTILLERY, GROPE) - Drums

01. 100 Days In Hell
02. The Needle And The Vein
03. In The Trenches…
04. Order #227
05. The Walls Come Tumblin' Down
06. Crawling In The Shadows
07. Dead Civilization
08. Hangman's Fracture
09. As Good As Dead
10. A Good Day To Die
11. Sneaking Disease (CRIONIC cover)

Datum vydání: 23.září 2013

Lidi okolo
obal: Ed Repka

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Hell's Domain