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Vivimos En Perpetua Guerra

Sorath - Vivimos En Perpetua Guerra

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Admirerforestae - Vocals/Guitar (Mythopoeia)
Francis Empty - Guitar (Mythopoeia)
Muf - Bass (Mythopoeia, Gold of Athanor)
Ottar Distress - Drums (Mythopoeia)

My Last Heraldic Sign (02:32)
The Sign of Burn / The Flames of Hell (02:58)
The Teacher of Wisdom (05:31)
The Legions of Baphomets (03:23)
The Curse of Balance (02:05)
The Dream of Victory (03:13)
In the Loathsome Cradle of Wicked Christians (02:43)
The Fifth Point (02:47)
Dreaming Times (04:02)
Vivimos En Perpetua Guerra (01:03)
Finish of the Sorath's Sword (new version) (03:59)

Datum vydání: 20.červenec 2007

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