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View To A Thrill

Stephen Pearcy - View To A Thrill

Stephen E. Pearcy - Lead Vocals, Back-up Vocals
Erik Ferentinos - Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Back-up Vocals
Greg D'Angelo - Drums, Percussion
Matt Thorne - Bass Guitar
Chris Hager - Guitars, Lead Guitars on track #3

01. U Only Live Twice
02. Sky Falling
03. Malibu
04. One In A Million
05. Double Shot
06. Secrets To Tell
07. Not Killin’ Me
08. Dangerous Thing
09. I'm A Ratt
10. From The Inside
11. Violator

Datum vydání: 09.listopad 2018

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produkce: Matt Thorne a Stephen Pearcy
mixed a mastering: Matt Thorne a Erik Ferentinos