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The Seer

Swans - The Seer

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Michael Gira – vocals, guitar, harmonica
Christoph Hahn – lap steel guitar
Thor Harris – percussion, chimes, vibraphone, piano, clarinet
Bill Rieflin – piano, organ, synthesizer
Christopher Pravdica – bass guitar
Phil Puleo – percussion, hammered dulcimer
Norman Westberg – guitar

Karen O – vocals on "Song for a Warrior"
Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker of Low – background vocals on "Lunacy"
Jarboe – background vocals on "The Seer Returns" and "A Piece of the Sky"
Seth Olinsky, Miles Seaton, and Dana Janssen of Akron/Family – background vocals on "A Piece of the Sky"
Caleb Mulkerin and Colleen Kinsella of Big Blood – accordion, vocals, dulcimer, guitar, piano
Sean Mackowiak (Grasshopper) – mandolin, clarinet
Ben Frost – Fire Sounds (Acoustic and Synthetic) on "A Piece of the Sky"
Iain Graham – bagpipes on "The Seer"
Bruce Lamont – horns on "The Seer"
Bob Rutman – steel cello on "The Seer"
Cassis Staudt – accordion
Eszter Balint – violin
Jane Scarpantoni – cello
Kevin McMahon – recording, processing, and mixing -additional drums on "The Seer Returns", and "Avatar" – additional guitars on "Song for a Warrior", and "Avatar"
Bryce Goggin – piano on "Song for a Warrior"
Stefan Rocke – bassoon on "The Seer"

1. "Lunacy" 6:09
2. "Mother of the World" 9:57
3. "The Wolf" 1:35
4. "The Seer" 32:14
5. "The Seer Returns" 6:17
6. "93 Ave. Blues" 5:21
7. "The Daughter Brings the Water" 2:40

1. "Song for a Warrior" 3:58
2. "Avatar" 8:51
3. "A Piece of the Sky" 19:10
4. "The Apostate" 23:01

Celkový čas 119:13

Datum vydání: 28.srpen 2012


The Seer je 12. studiovka Swans.