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The Reawakening

The Berzerker - The Reawakening

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Luke Kenny - Vocals (NTSC, Adverse Reaction, Morbicide)
Todd Hansen - Drums
Damien Palmer - Bass (Widow the Sea, The Crisis Therapy)
Martin Germ Bermheden - Guitar (Visceral Bleeding, Enshrined)
Ed Lacey - Guitar (Adverse Reaction)
Tim Aldridge - Guitar (Abramelin (Aus), Disembowelment, Morbicide)

Wisdom And Corruption (03:51)
An Unforgotten Force (05:17)
Caught In The Crossfire (03:21)
The Deception (04:03)
Disassembly Line (03:27)
Evolution Of Aggression (03:26)
Your Final Seconds (02:59)
Harvesting A Loved One (03:35)
Internal Examination (03:07)
Spare Parts (03:43)
Spare Parts (Namshubofenki Mix) (03:27)
Spare Parts (Bazooka Mix) (04:23)
Caught In The Crossfire (Zardonic Mix) (03:38)
Spare Parts (Delta 9 Mix) (02:36)
Caught In The Crossfire (Stanley Cupid Mix) (04:02)
Spare Parts (Frazzbass Mix) (04:09)

Datum vydání: 01.leden 2008

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The Berzerker