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Bring Me the Horizon - Wonderful Life (live video)

01. I Apologise If You Feel Something
02. Mantra
03. Nihilist Blues (feat. Grimes)
04. In The Dark
05. Wonderful Life (feat. Dani Filth)
06. Ouch
07. Medicine
08. Sugar Honey Ice & Tea
09. Why You Gotta Kick Me When I'm Down?
10. Fresh Bruises
11. Mother Tongue
12. Heavy Metal (feat. Rahzel)
13. I Don't Know What To Say

Oliver Sykes − lead vocals, programming, keyboards (2004–present)
Matt Kean − bass (2004–present)
Lee Malia − lead guitar (2004–present), rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2012–present)
Matt Nicholls − drums, percussion (2004–present)
Jordan Fish − keyboards, programming, percussion, vocals (2012–present)

Dani Filth

Vydavatel: Columbia Records