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Menace (Napalm Death) - Drowning in Density (video)

01. I Live With Your Ghost
02. Painted Rust
03. Multiple Clarity
04. To The Marrow
05. I Won't See The Sun
06. Drowning In Density
07. Positron
08. Everything And Nothing
09. Within Context
10. Malicious Code
11. Impact Velocity
12. Seamless Integration
13. Insult To Injury [bonus track]

Cygnus (Mitch Harris): vocals
Synergus (Mitch Harris): guitar & synth
Samorost (Derek Roddy): drums & percussion
Serpens (Fred Leclercq): bass
Radix (Nicola Manzan): strings, electro sub
Erebus (Shane Embury): bass

Vydavatel: Season of Mist Records