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Nové skladby Beheaded, Serpent Of Gnosis a Baroness

SERPENT OF GNOSIS, v jejichž sestavě naleznete trojku z Goratory (Max Lavelle, Al Glassman a Darren Cesca), vydali video ke skladbě Paroxysmal Dance. Debut As I Drink From The Infinite Well Of Inebriation vyjde 14/06/19 u 1126 Records.

BARONESS - Throw Me An Anchor (Gold & Grey, 14/06/19, Abraxan Hymns)

♫ BEHEADED - The Charlatan's Enunciation (lyric video) (Only Death Can Save You, 14/06/19, Agonia Records)

01. The charlatan's enunciation
02. Evil be to him who evil seeks
03. A greater terror
04. Unholy man
05. Embrace your messiah
06. The papist devil
07. Gallows walk
08. Only death can save you
09. From the fire where it all began

Frank Calleja - voice
David Cachia - bass
Grech Omar - guitars
Simone Brigo - guitars
Davide Billia - drums

Vydavatel: Mighty Music, Agonia Records