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Nové skladby Enthroned, Carnifex (lyric video), Vampire a Karyn Crisis chystá sólovku

♫ KARYN CRISIS chystá vlastní sólovku, Gospel Of The Witches, vypomáhat bude (ne)překvapivě Davide Tiso (kytara, basa), Ross Dolan (Immolation, backing vocals) a Danny Walker (Intronaut, bicí), mixovat a masterovat bude Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me) ve vlastním The Basement Recording (Winston-Salem, North Carolina).

♫ Švédští death metalisté VAMPIRE vypustili skladbu The Fen z eponymního debutu (03/03, Century Media Records).


♫ CARNIFEX - Dark Days (Die Without Hope, 07/03, Nuclear Blast)

ENTHRONED - Of Feathers And Flames (Sovereigns, 15/04, Agonia Records)

01. Anteloquium
02. Sine Qua Non
03. Of Feathers and Flames
04. Lamp of Invisible Lights
05. Of Shrines and Sovereigns
06. The Edge of Agony
07. Divine Coagulation
08. Baal al-Maut
09. Nerxiarxin Mahathallah

Nornagest - lead vocals & lead guitars
Phorgath - bass
Neraath - lead guitars
Menthor - drums
ZarZax - rhythm guitar

Vydavatel: Agonia Records