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Nové skladby Wednesday 13, Napalm Death a dokument Protest The Hero - Ghosts Of The Road

PROTEST THE HERO se zúčastnili projektu FreqsTVGhosts Of The Road, který se zaměřuje na denní život kapely na turné. Ukázka níže, mezi další oslovené kapely patří AT THE GATES, GOTTHARD, AMORPHIS nebo THE TEMPERANCE MOVEMENT. Dokument je zaštítěn německu verzí časopisu Guitar.

NAPALM DEATH - How The Years Condemn (Apex Predator - Easy Meat, 26/01, Century Media Records)

WEDNESDAY 13 - Serpent Society (Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out & Plague, 12/01, DevCo/Cargo Records)

01. Death Arise (intro)
02. Bloodsucker
03. Get Your Grave On
04. Curse The Living
05. Too Fast For Blood
06. Hail Ming
07. Coming Attractions
08. The Dixie Dead
09. Ghost Stories
10. Fuck You (In Memory Of...)
11. Carol Anne... They're Here
12. Hands Of The Ripper
13. Death Arise (overture)

Wednesday 13 - lead vocals, guitar
Roman Surman - guitar, backing vocals
Jack Tankersley - guitar, backing vocals
Troy Doebbler - bass guitar, backing vocals
Jason West - drums

Vydavatel: Livewire/Cargo Records