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Videa Breaking Benjamin a Rival Sons, skladba Rosy Vista

ROSY VISTA - Crazy (lyric video) (Unbelievable, 08/02/19, SPV/Steamhammer)

BREAKING BENJAMIN - Tourniquet (video) (Ember, 13/04/18, Hollywood Records)

RIVAL SONS - Feral Roots (video) (Feral Roots, 25/01/19, Low Country Sound/Atlantic Records), režie: Jay Buchanan a Steven Bradley

01. Do Your Worst
02. Sugar On The Bone
03. Back In The Woods
04. Look Away
05. Feral Roots
06. Too Bad
07. Stood By Me
08. Imperial Joy
09. All Directions
10. End Of Forever
11. Shooting Stars

Jay Buchanan – vocals
Scott Holiday – guitars
Dave Beste – bass
Michael Miley – drums

Vydavatel: Atlantic Recording Corporation